What we mean by family-like treatment

For all our guests who choose to work with us on either safari or Mountain climbing should be assured that they will be treated like family. This means that the freedom to express their feelings towards their stay in Tanzania is our priority and also provide the best services and experience that will forever live in their lives not only that but also will open a lot of opportunities to them and our company as well.

Tupae Adventures honors this, you being one of our client is a very blessing to our family during your tour for hiking and safari in Africa, Tanzania. It is our duty to make sure you familiarize with new Environments and feel happy the whole days of your stay in the country and learn a lot.

After our guests have been taken through all the activities they planned to do while in Tanzania, Tupae Adventures will be preparing a free meal for the guests. This meal shall consist of different varieties of local Cuisine and fresh fruits which can be enjoyed by everyone.

We believe your choice to work with Tupae Adventures, our family shall grow and become bigger in near future through your cooperation and support by letting other families and friends knows about us. Together we can fly adventures.

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