Tupae Adventures will proudly take you around to witness and experience cultural activities of different tribes in our country. Specifically, we wish you to explore two of the major tribes in Tanzania and East Africa in general. The first one is the most famous tribe in East Africa, the Maasai. We then have another one, the first people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – the Chaggas. The following are our curated cultural tours.


Let’s take you to the land full of water, and as you explore the lush green surroundings of Marangu village, you will be filled with history of the Chaggas and experience life local life as you drink local beer, eat local food and dance with the locals.
Experience and discover what makes the Maasai, the most famous tribe in East Africa. Our Maasai cultural tour will take you to West Kilimanjaro, where you can dance, learn the history of the Maasai and take a nature walk with Maasai warriors.
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